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 Caring for your Magnetic Signs

Before You Apply Magnetic Signs
  • The Magnetic sign and the vehicle's metal surface should be clean and dry.
  • Magnetic signs will not hold areas of your vehicle that are plastic or have been repaired with a non-metal material.

Cleaning Magnetic Signs
  • Some moisture and dirt could collect behind magnetic signs.
  • Clean both the surface of the magnet that touches the vehicle and the vehicle's surface with mild detergent and allow both to dry before applying magnet to vehicle.
  • Repeat cleaning process weekly when used in an outdoor environment.
  • For extra assurance, remove and clean signs daily during harsh weather conditions.

Application Tips
  • Magnetic Sheeting holds best to flat surfaces and surfaces with slight curves.
  • When the magnetic signs are placed in the wrong position, remove the sign and realign.
  • Do no pull the magnetic sign to realign when it is against the surface, as the material may stretch due to resistance caused by the high magnetic strength, or may scratch the surface of the vehicle.
  • Do not apply to newly painted or repainted surfaces.

Storing Your Magnetic Signs When Not in Use
  • The magnetic sheet is more pliable and easier to work with when it is near room temperature when applied.
  • The best way to store magnetic signs is flat.  (The side of your refrigerator is a great spot)
  • Avoid laying signs on protruding objects.

 Caring for your Banners

  • Indoor and outdoor banners should be securely anchored. 
  • Hang banners taut, but not stretched.
  • All banners will eventually show a slight sag.
  • Pull tie down ropes diagonally from the corners.

  • Always keep a banner rolled, not folded, so that it stays wrinkle free.
  • Roll banners with the graphics out to prevent tunneling
  • Avoid storing a banner in an area with extreme heat or cold.  (ie. by an oven, heater, or even in the trunk of a car.)
  • If possible, store a banner in a shipping box to prevent it from being crushed.
  • Never use a rubber band to keep a banner rolled.

 Artwork Files
  • We recommend that you upload your art file(s) to us using our Online File Folder.  The address is  Please call us for the username and password.
  • Please do not close the upload window until after the files have been completely uploaded.  Also, please send an email to your Sales Representative when the files have completely uploaded to let him/her know the files are ready to be retrieved.
  • If your file is for vinyl output it should contain a Vector image of your sign and/or logo. This means your text and graphics are outlined. Some programs offer an option to Save or Export Text as Vectors, Curves, Paths or Outlines. Vector files are .ai, .pdf or .eps
  • Convert all fonts to curves or paths to avoid possible font substitution. This rule goes for all types of files.
  • To ensure the highest quality output be sure to save your images at 100 – 150dpi (dots per inch) at the finished size. Accepted file types are bmp, .tif, .jpg, .pdf, .psd, .doc
  • Save photographic images at 100% of the actual size (when possible) and at the resolution required for your application.
  • Recommended color mode for raster files (Adobe Photoshop) is RGB. Recommended color mode for vector files (Adobe Illustrator) is CMYK.
  • Include Pantone Colors for your files if you have them, or provide a hard copy of the approximate colors desired.
  • Website graphics are almost always unusable.
  • The total size of all uploaded files should be less than 1 gigabyte.
  • For best results we recommend you ZIP files before sending them.

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